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Chakravyuh Planetary Influences [English]

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About This Book

What planetary conditions make an individual go from rags to riches and vice-versa? How could corporates bengfit from the knowledge of planetary positions and make decision regarding IPOs? What planetary influences cause relationships to prosper and others to break individuals? Can the knowledge of planetary influence be used to Precast company takeovers? These are some of the questions that are asked most frequently to an astrologer. In this book, I have compiled my experiences and shared several observations and analysis that I have undertaken as an astrologer. Here I offer a unique perspective on the influences of planetary positions and insight into the analytical process to derive my predictions through the lens of Hindu Astrology. I have been inspired by several gurus, teachers and yogis in different ways and share my personal experiences of being with them. Like me, you will find these awe-inspiring and almost divine! The book is an account of my interpretation of horoscopes of : People who have experienced meteoric rise, People who have experienced meteoric fall, Industrialists, TV personalities, artists and glamour models, Influences of linked destinies and effects...and much more Most of the horoscopes used in the book are my clients' for whom predictions were made well in advance of the actual events. Personal information has been withheld for obvious reasons. Horoscopes are analysed through Parasari system, Jaimini system and K. P. systems of astrology.