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Chakra Dasha - An Original Research [Hindi, English]

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Among many universal and conditional dashas of Parashara based on the occupation of Moon in a particular nakshatra, Chakra Dasha is an exception as it is calculated according to the time of birth which can be around sunrise or sunrise or at other times of a day. It otherwise is a universally applicable dasha for all human beings. In Parashara text it has not been illustrated. It was an intuitive discovery of Shri Manoj Pathak, the guide of this book, that led to its method of calculation based on the degrees of the lagna and successful application to so many horoscopes replicated by his students, some of them very bright, that was received with lot of enthusiasm by students of the Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan and demonstrated in a workshop. Well planned and well structured, this book should be an invaluable addition to an astrologer's repertoire of dashas and for closer timing of events. While the dasha balance has to be calculated in this case, it moves rashi by rashi, like Jaimini dashas.

It is the duty of intelligent readers of this book to carry  it forward and suggest if any additions should be made to this book in subsequent additions.

We are very happy to place it before astrologers and astrology loving readers.