Birthday Numerology [English]
Birthday Numerology [English]
Birthday Numerology [English]
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Birthday Numerology [English]

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Birthday Numerology [English] By

Manik Chand Jain

Publisher: Sagar Publications

There are number of books in the market by differ-ent authors, but to the best of my knowledge, there is no literature on Birthday Numerology. In my working all these years, I have come across hundreds of the persons, who knew their birth-date but not birth-time. Astrology cannot be helpful to those who do not know their birth-time. Therefore, I began to investigate for myself whether or not there was a simple way in which one could acquaint himself with his own destiny. I have looked to the anci-ent literature of Chinese, Egyptians, Arabians, Indians, Japanese etc and it was my good luck that I found a literature on this subject in Japanese Astrology.

It was in 1948, that I began my study and research. My major concern was to figure out some fortune telling principle—where birth-time is not available—in which only the Numerology from the date of birth ( indicating the particular year, month and day are employed).

Now after 25 years of continuous research and several thousand case studies, I have come to a result successfully for the persons who do not know their time of birth. To this new science—purely based on Numerology—I Would call: BIRTHDAY NUMEROLOGY.

In this Numerology, a certain number is contrasted with another number, and an "invisible" number which will be produced from these two numbers is transformed into a certain mark to facilitate easy understanding. This method is called the "Principle of Contrasting Numbers."

A person's emotion and fortune can be changed in two ways, that is, they can be influenced either by "Self-Will" (Autonomously) or by "Outside Law." (Heterono-mously).

The outstanding feature of Birthday Numerology is that it is capable of taking these changes into consideration.

This Birthday Numerology has been established in such a manner as to facilitate easy forecasting of one's fortunes and cycles of emotion, so that the reader will be able to grasp the general idea of the principle by studying this small book for couple of hours. Simple though it is, Birthday Numerology is capable of forecasting one's fortune and emotional cycle in a re-markable manner. For instance, it also enables you to gain an insight into the emotional state of your superiors, wife, children, friends etc.