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Biorhythms of Natal Moon [English]

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Biorhythms of Natal Moon” otherwise called The Pancha Pakshi Sashtra is a golden key in the hand of man which can be used with advantage in any endeavour and in any walk of life unlike the prevalent Biorythms theories which reckon the cycles of time in terms of days only, too common for all humans.

This is successfully applicable to Natal, Horary, Electional, Medical Astrology etc. This can be used to understand the life of women, through her first puberty and of the man through vibration power of the time gap at birth time.

The system can be applied unfailingly in love, sex, and husband wife relations. This is a boon for man, in English language.

The book contains 100 abstract tables of 2500 time gaps. In addition, 60 more tables are given in reference to various needs of life with copious notes and explanations. This can be of special use in Natal Astrology.