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Bhuta - Damara Tantra [English]

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Bhoot means, 'Past" and Daamar means, "fierce". Hence this is a Tantra, which liberates the seeker from the fierce sins of past and make his / her present and future better.
Being, seem to be a broken link of Kashmir Shaivism; it is Chatushpeeth Tantra of Sri Krodha Bhairava, who is creative expansion of supreme Lord Sri Swacchanda Bhairava. He is seer sage of the Mantra of Mata Cchinnamasta Ji. He is Lord of south and once worshiped as per given rituals. he would certainly eradicate fears of his worshipers. This Tantra consists of his Mantra initiation and worship rituals, along with various other practices which are vibrant in nature and try to lure, those who think. Tantras are source of attaining carnal pleasures. If seeker uses it for the purpose of attaining blessings of Deity, he would become Sri Bhairava himself. This translation is done to break a jinx, which tells that "Bhoot" means ghost!!! Or this Tantra, deals with exorcisms of ghost enchanting etc!!! This is an approach to establish the glory of Sri Bhairava Worship, which it had during its epoch. This would certainly be a great readout for worshipers of Sri Bhairava.