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Ayurveda the Science of Self - Healing [English]

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Excerpts from reviews: "Lad conveys that Ayurveda regards the human body and its sensory experiences as manifestations of cosmic energy expressed in the five basic elements. ... to sum up, Lad states that the "Ayurveda teaches that the patient is a living book, and for understanding and physical well-being, he or she must be read daily."

—Hindustan Times, June, 1996

`The section on Medicinals as well as the Appendix dealing with first aid treatment are extremely informative and useful. This perhaps is one of the few sections of the book that do justice to the part of the title that proclaims that the book is about "Self healing."

—A.V. BALASUBRAMANIAN Centre for Indian Knowledge System, Madras

The most positive feature of the book is a strong thread of common sense and everyday knowledge, coupled with a conspicuous lack of the mystic hype that is usually associated with most ancient sciences, and which invariably puts the rational reader off. ... written in a unorthodox style, the book is designed to appeal to even the most sceptical mind.

—The Weekend Observer, August 24, 1996