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Astrology Guide for Beginners [English]

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 Vedic Astrology is the art of forecasting events, validating past events and analyzing the present through the native's horoscope. Astrology is indicative in nature; it can indicate but is not conclusive. Astrology if used by a skillful astrologer can be used as a guiding tool. The use of astrology as medical diagnosis tool can forewarn the native about the health susceptibilities that the native must be aware of, it can also indicate choices that one has to make at critical junctures related to studies, finances, marriage, health career choice, etc.

This book is must-have for every learner and aspirant as it practically guides you through illustrations and examples to decipher the basic rudimentary fundamentals of Vedic astrology. This book may also help in self-analysis of the individual horoscope, so people who have been hereto unaware of astrology may understand the basic intrinsic magic of Vedic astrology as essential to the understanding of their own horoscopes. A self-explanatory book for all aspirants and seekers, this book ends the search for easy to understand self-assessment book on basic astrology and initial horoscope analysis.