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Astrology for You [English]

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Astrology is not a complex science as it often made out to be and, in the hands of the world – famous ‘human computer ‘ Shakuntala Devi, it becomes yet simpler and easier to understand and practise. The present book discusses zodiacs, planets, asterisms, the rising signs, Bhavas, Yogas, Dasas and their effects and transits. It enables the reader to cast a horoscope and also read one. There are tables of correction for various cities and for sidereal time, Nakshatra divisions and Vimshottari Dasa , Navamsas etc. It is a complete book that leaves nothing to become an amateur astrologer.
Shakuntala Devi, though well – known as a mathematical genius the world over, is essentially an astrologer, now practising in Bombay and Delhi. She learnt this science in the lap of her grandfather when quite young : hers is a well-known family of priests and astrologers in South India. This is herfirst important book on the subject aimed at the layreader and presented in a style that is easy to follow.