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Astrology and Timing of Marriage (A Scientific Approach) [English]

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Astrology and Timing Of Marriage ( A Scientific Approach) 

The study was conducted on 218 charts. In all the cases marriage had taken place and the date of marriage and other data has been given along with the result of applying the parameters on the charts.

 The results of the research have been tabulated for the parameters from P 1 to P 8 below. It was noted that 

  • Paramater 1 [Connection of Vimshottari Mahadasha (MD), Antardasha (AD) lords with Lagna or 7H or Lagna Lord (LL) or 7L of D1/D9 or planets associated with them] applied to all the cases (100%).
  • Parameter 2 [Chara Antar Dasha making a connection with Darakarak (DK), Darakarak Navamsha (DKN), Dara Pada (DP), Up-Pada (UP) lagna or 7th lord of D1 or D9] applied to 210 charts (96%).
  • Parameter 3 [Transiting Jupiter's aspects on Vivah Saham] applied to 167 cases (77%).
  • Parameter 4 [The Saturn and Jupiter activating Lagna, 7H, LL, 7L] applied to 186 cases (85%).
  • Parameter 5 [LL. and the 7L of native making a connection in transit] applied to 214 cases (98%).
  • Parameter 6 [ Jupiter activating natal Venus in male charts and natal Mars in female chart] applied in 149 charts (68%).
  • Parameter 7 [Sun and/or most planets around Lagna or 7H] applied to 153 cases (70%).
  • Parameter 8 [ LL transiting in/near 7H or 7L transiting in/near Lagna) applied to 128 cases (59%).