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Astrological Flaws And Their Remedies [English]

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Astrological Flaws And Their Remedies [English] By

Deepak Singla

Publisher: Notion Press

God exists within us on this planet. The ‘soul’ enters the human form after going through the complete cycle of eighty-four lakh lives and deaths.

Human life is determined by the position of the planets. Good and bad ideas travel into our minds through waves transmitted by the planets. A woman carries the child in her womb for nine months like the nine planets. Thus the position and stationing of the planets determine the good and bad times in our lives. This arithmetic of favorable and unfavourable positioning of planets form the basis of Horoscope’.

Astrology is a science based on very specific calculations. It is not superstition and it is easy to follow. People who cannot consult an astrologer can just read the book, identify their problems, look for remedies and follow them without guidance or consultation. The science of astrology is a gift from God and is acquired by following His diktat.