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Ashtakavarga [English]

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The Ashtakvarga is recognized as an outstanding system of prediction among the several systems advocated in the standards works on astrology. It has been commended as the best and the most indispensable key, so that all predictions have to be made only after a consideration of the Ashtakvarga. But the treatment of the system its method of application and interpretation found in the existing works is not exhaustive and thorough enough for students to understands, which is  a serious deficiency in the outfit of the modern astrologer. The present work consisting of about 950 verses and treating exclusively of the Ashtakvarga and its practical application is an attempt to fulfil this long- felt desideratum.

The work contains in one volume material collected mainly from available standard work on astrology, the last two chapters being based on manuscripts hitherto unpublished. The plan of treatment is, we hope, quite suitable from the student’s point of view. The original Sanskrit verses come first; then follows their translation in English with copious explanatory notes and comments, and example horoscopes has been worked out in detail so as to give a clear idea of the application of the system.

 The idea of computing Ashtakvarga on the basis of Bhavakundli, in preference to the usual janmakundali, first  suggested by Shri Uttamram  Mayaram Thakur in his Gujarati work Jyotish vijnan Ane Laghu Parasari, has been adopted for reason given in the Prologue and the text. The book is also furnished with appendices containing the minimum details necessary for the Ashtakavarga calculations (except however, the calculation of the Shadvarga strength which is beyond the scope of this book).   A noteworthy addition is the Sarvachanchachakra which will prove useful in connection with Chaps. Xvi and xvii, and the Ashtakvarga Ayurdaya calculations in chap. XV.