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Anand Geeta - Pearls of Blissful Living [English]

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Anand Geeta - Pearls of Blissful Living [English] by

Osho Siddhartha

Publisher: Oshodhara

Ananda Geeta is Sadguru Osho Siddarthaji’s sadhana diary written form 1995 to 2005. Initially it was paublished in three parts- Budham Sharnam Gachchhami; Sangam Sharnam Gachchhami; and Dhamam Sharnam Gachchhami. Later it was published systematically, the couplets were organized subject – wise in Sept 2005. This is the second edition of that.

Sadguru himself has the following to say about it- Akbars commander in chief Rahim Khankhana had written many profound couplets on the art of living. However for the last 400 years, no poet or saint has ventured to write on this subject although life has changed a lot. So it became necessary to pick one’s pen once again to reflect and rewrite on this subject. Ananda Geeta is Adwait’s Nirvan’s and Kaivalya’s flight into the skies or Religion, Truth, Rit, Hukum, Tao, Existence, Atma and Anatma, Everyone, who has the wealth of wisdom, the ticket of reverence, and tears of love are welcome aboard this flight. There is no distinction of cast or creed, nationality, gender or status. No condition whatsoever. There is no question of even being disciplined or righteous. It is a very interesting journey. Whoever writes these couples in his book of life and dwells on them, will one day reach the realms of infinite peace and bliss.

Each and every coupler in Anand Geeta is unique and exemplary. In all of them the wisdom of ved, Kuran, Bible, Dhammapada, Jinsutra, Mahageeta and Avadhoot geeta are hidden. The only requirement is  to live them, imbibe them and findly drown in them.