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All Important Yogas in Vedic Astrology [English]

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All Important Yogas in Vedic Astrology [English] by

Suresh Chandra Mishra

Publisher: Pranav Publications

The All-Important Yogas in Vedic Jyotisha is meant for proper analysis, constitution and fixation of effects of the Yogas in a given chart. Although a plenty of Yogas has been described in the classics where the determination of the Yoga is highly important. Nowadays, people fix Yogas in a cursory manner and thus, they simply ignore the essential conditions cited by the sages when Yoga emerges indeed. This exercise leaves the readers in a state of being ill-understanding the structure of certain Yogas. Besides their structure, the sequence of checking their constitution is also significant. All-Important Yogas in the order of their preference have been elucidated in an easy-to-understand format with actual example horoscopes.

Much famous Yogas like the Gaja-Kesari, the Panch-Mahapurusha yogas, etc., have been dealt with in a proper manner citing all conditions of their fulfillment. In fact, the Maha-Purusha Yoga turns into an `Upa-Purusha Yoga' under certain circumstances; therefore, covering all possible situations, one full chapter has been devoted to the subject.

 Yoga, viz. Cazimi, the most popular one in the western astrology, basically has its roots in Vedic Jyotisha only. So the topic has been included here with critical notes.

More than ninety significant Yogas which are not discussed in popular books are also simplified alongwith the Lunar and Solar Yogas, Raja-yogas and Naabhasa yogas, etc. Some less discussed rather popular Yogas like the Kaala-Sarpa Yoga, Jwalamukhi Yogas, Mangalika Yoga, Reka Yogas, Hrada Yoga, Kaaka Yoga, Phani Yoga,etc. are also enunciated.

The real charm of the 'Pravrajya Yogas' does not simply confine to the state of being a Sanyasin, but it extends to the pursuit of wandering for the quest for knowledge, learning, truth, invention, research, etc., The fructification of any positive Yoga, even-constituted properly, becomes hurdled under certain dispositions. The same have been discussed in the chapter, viz., Pitfalls in Yoga Analysis. The book profusely enhanced with actual example horoscopes, contains the real essence of the dicta of the sages and logically deals with misgivings on the subject. A charter on the subject bound in technique and sound in application.