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Akshay Lagna Padthathi (Part 1) [English]

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Akshay Lagna Padthathi (Part 1) [English] By

S Pothuvudai Moorthy

Publisher: Saptarishis

The Origin of ALP: In the Author's own words, "While I was resting under a banyan tree watching the Swinging and swaying roots grow, when travelling in the Himalayas, The word "GROWTH° left a deep and lasting impression in me Which forced a paradigm shift in my thinking and that became The seed of ALP. After that, the entire focus shifted to The progression of the Moon (Manam-Mind-Moon) and I wondered why not progress the Lagna ? Why should it be static When the Moon is Progressed. What would happen if one Progresses the Lagna? And use the progressed Lagna to predict the events—this Resulted In the creation of ALP",4 years before, Going deep into his subconscious, he had visualized the Future That he was predicting based on ALP. After that, he researched further with much dedication and enthusiasm based on scientific principles and the principles of Traditional Astrology , applicable to the present day. he developed ALP By progressing the lagna and succeeded In correctly arriving at the future. To benefit the world at large and to the astrological community, and not just the followers of ALP, he simplified the technique and has published this book – ALP (Akahaya Lagna Patbathi) After following Pranic healing, Relkki, Past Life Regression deeply, the happenings of the past life, started treating people. He has been well recognized by many popular TV channels In Tamilnadu Vijay, Zee Tamil, Jaya Plus, Vendhar , Pudu Yugam. He has received many awards in the field of Astrology. Akshay Lagna Padthathi by S Pothuvudai Moorthy