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Ages of 36 and 72 Significant and Critical [English]

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Ages Of 36 And 72 Significant And Critical (English)

It is one of three books being produced this year with statistical replicable astrological methodology with 108 examples.

The reason for doing this research sprang from the repeated Bhrigu readings of some people known to me in which the age of 36 was stressed as a landmark year in their lives. More often than not, it came out true. A young Maharashtrian astrologer I had met in 1967 in Kolkatta always used the word teen tapa meaning completion of three rounds of Jupiter.

The habit of some astrologers after learning some principles of Bhrigu or Nadi is to apply them blindly to horoscopes and pronounce a judgement. Before following  this research it is necessary to sound a warning and stress that every horoscopes  must be analyzed first by seeing yogas, the dashas, the relevant varga chart and then only clinched with a formula as is being given in this research.

Psychologists seem to have woken up to this Bhrigu principles now “ Daily Mail” Thursday , Aug 7th 2014 36, the age we start thinking healthier; Death in the family, warning from doctors and unflattering photos type of events that make people think differently By Daily Mail Reporter Published 00.03 GMT 23 july 2014 updated: the study found that individuals started to become more aware of their health while in their mid thirties. In our teens, twenties and much of our thirties, it seems, many of us think we are indestructible. But at 36, all that changes. That is the age, according to a study, that we start to become aware of our mortality and adopt a healthier lifestyle.