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A New Method - Timing Events Using Nadi Nakshatras [English]

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Timing of Events Using Nadi Nakshatras Is a first attempt in making timing of events in astrology a very simple exercise that even a 1 year old astrologer can effectively predict within one second that "Something significant would have happened in your life at so and so year". He might not be able to tell what happened since that requires years of astrology practice. In Nadi astrology specific ages when events would happen are significant and this is used through combinations of planets or single planets but in this book we have used only nakshatras. Each Nakshatra gets activated at a particular age so any planet which is in any nakshatra in turn gets activated at that age and gives the event. This book is on purpose not exhaustive and only gives small number of ages per nakshatra so that all can remember it and use it. Below are some of the testimonials for our expanded course on Nadi Nakshatra that we have been doing over the last 2 years and force the student to test each technique on minimum 5 charts and submit as homework as without practice no technique can be perfected. When these same students will practice it for 5 years the same technique they will become super perfect.

The technique is infallible —Tamilarasan, Malaysia Using these principles, an astrologer can predict the important events in life of a native, knowing the placement of his planets in nakshatras. - Dmitriy Gubenko, Ukraine The techniques taught in the Nadi Nakshatra Course have opened a totally new way ofseeing a chart. The accuracy of the techniques is amazing. The other thing I find amazing is how little I knew about the karakas. Until taking these courses I was unconsciously stuck, relying on a very limited range of Karakas, which naturally limited my ability to see the variables in a chart. The results I have seen and experienced are nothing short of brilliant. -Phyllis Chubb, Canada Nadi nakshatra is the technique which I have seen in my experience working like a magic. - Lava nya, Boston, USA These techniques are great! They are very helpful to narrow the scope of prediction as well as move detail the predictions and make more accurate predictions.- Zaklina Stelmaconoka, Latvia Never before have I seen any astrologer talking, writing or researching about this technique. Kudos to the SA team and Sunil Sir for sharing these pearls of wisdom. They have taken as-trology to a new level. -Saurabh Katial, New York It is quite overwhelming to know how Nakshatras indicate the fruition of an event in our life at a particular age. This truly is an awe inspiring phenomenon. -Raghunath Nayar, India.