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A Nations Prophecy - Mundane Astrology [English]

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The application of mundane astrology principles can be of great help in anticipating election results, wars and violence, aggressive designs, economic trends, social upheavals as also political happenings which could help in being forearmed. Terrorist attacks are a distinct phenomenon of the late 20th century and the present century. None can dispute the advantages of being forewarned of such attacks when hundreds of lives could be saved. However, in understanding and applying the techniques needed for such forecasts, what is extremely important is the horoscope of the country where such strikes can occur.

A systematic approach based on hypothesis, verification and inference characterizes Dr. Ravi Rao's efforts in this direction which involve checking out past events in the socio-politico-economic lives of 7 leading countries of the World -India, China, Japan, USA, UK and Russia. Additionally, the charts of national leaders have also been made use of to gain more insightful details of the trends.