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A Compendium of Marriage An Astrological Exposition (2 Volume set) [English]

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About the Book A Magnum Opus by one of the greatest astrologer duos of pretent limes; the Trivedis are at their best in this book. Any reader would be mesmerized by the contents of this book and would be tempted for further exploration in the ocean of knowledge and creativity. The book is revealing even for scholars and exposes many astrological myths. It contains 37 research oriented chapters. The book has been rated to be a modern classic in recent times. One of the striking features of the book is over 246 horoscopes in its data bank, intelligently incorporated in 37 chapters on research-oriented subjects of marriage. This covers the neoclassical observations of authors, carried out during the past 30 years on the basis of wide studies. The enormous experience of lakhs of nativities and astonishing findings and the like. Every horoscope is explained with all astrological details and relevant personal details of the native.

 Every thing about the manwoman relationship viz premarital relations, extramarital relations, love affairs, concubines, multiple marriages, Stars and Sterility, relevance of Nadi Dosha, Venus and Luminaries, Secrets of Navamsa, Role of Jupiter in marriage, untimely widowhood, Role of Mercury, Mars and Venus in Marriage. Female haroscopy, precise observations of the Kuja Dosha, Mars, Marital Maladies and 1 Remedios, Marital delay and prevention, determinants of divorce, timing, year and month of marriage precisely etc. have been explained with relevant astrological principle with research points.

Remedial measures like stones, colour therapy. Mantras, Vrat etc. are explained  with all their attributes. A research oriented treatment or "Horoscope matching", even a  five or ten Gunas matched horoscope, may ensure a happy marital life. Where as,  matching of even 33 or 34 matching points may not result in happy and lasting conjugal bliss. Be enlightened by this great, relevant and useful findings of the authors of the book. The Hindu Vivah in the mirror of time, is fully explained along with rituals and  procedures.

Be enchanted by the poetic and spiritual approach of the sages and the glorious traditions of the ages. Truly A Compendium of Marriage is a must for every student and scholar of astrology. Especially for them, who are keen in amazing astrological researches and finding. The authors have penned as many as 7 voluminous books on marriage and A Compendium of Marriage is a true companion and guide to all serious scholars on the ,1 subject of astrology, It is a must for all.