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A Big Book On Vedic Astrology - Russian
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A Big Book on Vedic Astrology [Russian]

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“This book is unique in the world for its clear and competent structure. It guides the reader easily step by step to interpret a Vedic horoscope.

Graphical displays and exercises support the reader in each step of understanding – from a simple to a complex level.

The author Siebelt Meyer (Jyotish Shastri) has been doing research, studies, teaching and consultations in Vedic astrology since 1981.

In 1988 he received the title Jyotish Shastri from Maharishi Vedic University for his development and teaching of international courses in Vedic Astrology.

in three continents and for publishing a 58 lesson video course, which was translated into 22 languages and taught in 34 countries.


This Manual on Vedic Astrology fascinates because it not only gives deep knowledge but also touches the reader in his innermost nature which is universal”