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The Miracles of Vastu Shastra [English]

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-The Miracles of Vaastu Shastra, in conjunction with Divine Science, defines the mixed combination parameters of Air, Fire, Water, Earth and Space fusion. The outflow results have been amazing, noted from one, own experience and also from the feedbacks from the inmates or owners who got happiness on implementing Vaastu Shastra principles for their houses or buildings. A specific mention of the basic roots has been clearly enumerated in this book through the medium of Indian natural way of living:-Indian Vedic Culture and the Traditional Value. Yuga Transformation and Kaliyuga Sparkle. Upanishads: The Guru-Shishya Relations. Soorya Siddhantham: The Time and Space Connections. The Law of Karma and Theory of Re-birth of Each Individual. At the end of ninth Bhaagam, Vaastu tips of ten numbers synopsis has been given for the sake of quick reference to MI readers to satiate at least a considerable per cent of Vaastu Parameters application norms in residence during construction.