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Parul Sutram Astrology of Profession [English]

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Parul Sutram is a Ready Reckoner handed over to us by the author through divine blessings specifically for this very purpose. The techniques given will help in deciding on the various career potentials. They are so simple and easy to remember and also easy to apply. It really makes determining profession very simple and it is no more challenging as it used to be. He has given the necessary conditions but not sufficient for a native to have that career. Any one who has that profession will necessarily fulfill the conditions. combinations and in the number of key Vargas it satisfies that combination. He has in this first volume given the combinations for the common professions. His use of the Heliacal chart helps in judging the various career potential of a native even without the actual time of birth. The examples are numerous which enables one and all to see its applicability and its efficacy, One has to remember that the Dasha too plays an important role in determining the profession at that instant of time. In today's modern world, a person dabbles in several professions each of which can be determined by the various combinations listed. Parul Sutram along with his books on Dashamansa will effectively be the Bible for one and all looking at determining one's Karma and their professions. I am sure that with his divine gift, we can expect many more pearls from his stables despite his advancing years. What amazes me still is his enthusiasm to churn out these pearls and his joy when he unravels another mystery in the magical and mysterious world of astrology. I am blessed that he has chosen me to help in editing most of his works.