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One Minute Prashna Based on Jyotika Sthanam Prashna Pantha [English]

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One Minute Prashna Based On Jyotika Sthanam Prashna Pantha

  Over the years, I have worked on different Prashna Systems. Each having its own set of rules which need to be memorised and also found that many of the rules were contradictory to normal horoscope rules. So, it was always a difficult proposition to remember the nuances to perfect the system. I always wondered that there needs to be a simplistic system so simple that the rules are minimal and consistent with traditional astrology. It looks like Mr R. K. Das read my mind when he called me and informed me that he is sending a very simplistic Prashna System for me to edit. I was thrilled beyond delight as I felt it would fill a big void. The content did not disappoint me. It was more than what I was seeking. It was so simple and accurate enough for me to be thrilled. It was that simplistic that I, at first didn't believe it would work. So over the next one month, I thoroughly tested it and while it was not 100% accurate, it reached the high levels of 95% and above. It even had the capability to answer unuttered questions by the querent. Another salient feature of this system is its speed, a well-trained astrologer can answer (Yes/no) Prashna in  about One minute. I am sure, people will find this system- the most simple and accurate system of Prashna. It is so simple that people will master this system in just a couple of days and I am positive that this will become the Defacto Prashna system that everyone will use. I take this opportunity to thank Shri R.K. Das for such a wonderful, simple and accurate system--and for filling the void that existed and fulfilling the need of the common man by ushering in such a system. Mohan Srinivasan

Shri R.K.Das is an extremely versatile personality with a saintly approach towards life. He is a man of lofty ideals & stands uncompromised in his pursuit of seeking the truth & standing by it. This high state of righteousness and idea of truthfulness has imbibed in his mind hence truth has dawned upon the sky of his mind as was in the case of the Rishis, the seers of yore. Born in 1935 in the small village Kandoa in Nadia district of West Bengal, Shri R K Das served as a First class Magistrate and Judge in many district courts in West Bengal and also administered his duty in other important administrative capacities in the state. He was lauded many times for many of his famous judgments which have become a reference point in judiciary His love for and command over mathematics enabled him to build a solid base of casting chart even without any ephemeris, let alone computer. This surprising capacity has whetted his uncanny intuition power which he has actually inherited from his famous Tantric Guru Shri Sudeen Mitra (a Retd.IRS officer) of Calcutta. Thus with this divine power he discovered many lost secrets of Vedic astrological calculations. Many famous politicians, actors, administrative officers, sports personalities and common men have benefitted by his accurate predictions over the last five decades.