Astrology & Vastu Remedies [English]
Astrology & Vastu Remedies [English]
Astrology & Vastu Remedies [English]
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Astrology & Vastu Remedies [English]

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Remedies for Happiness and Successful Life is a unique book published by Saptarishis Publication to bring Astrological and Vastu shastra driven remedies to everyone across the globe. The writers have practiced and applied these remedies in last 25 years and has made a lasting impact in people’s life.


This book present remedy for all nine planets and twenty-seven nakshatras in a very structured way, starting from their basic significations, characteristics, and symbols to eight different ways of performing a remedy for each planet. These are what mantras’ to recite or chant, what pooja or prayers to be performed, what and how to donate, which plants to keep or plant, what gemstone or a rudraksha to wear, what yoga to be performed and what precautions are needed for each planets placement in 12 houses . For each 27 nakshatra, five different ways of performing a remedy is described in a structured way.


Vastu Shastra driven remedies cover all 16 directions or zones. Each zone’s signification, precautions to take, preference and remedial measure is described.


In addition, there is a separate and a dedicated section on day-to-day problems based astrological and vastu remedies, which is very popular with everyone.


Writers have read various books on these three topics of planet, nakshatra and vastu based remedies, but for the first time all three topics are presented in great detail and in a structured fashion.


So, as the name of the book implies, writers firmly believe that all that is required, is to read this book and apply these suggested remedies to see a lasting difference in your and your loved ones life.