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Sun the Cosmic Powerhouse [English]

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Sun The Cosmic Powerhouse (English) by Prash Trivedi & Vela

Let's Get to Know Our Sun All the ancient seers, through whose efforts Jyotish is still alive today had a simple and straight forward approach to understanding a graha's (planet's) energy and its role in Jyotish. They saw it as a living deity who like us had a certain appearance, nature, positives, negatives, likes, dislikes etc. This is because they were all aware that astrology is a primarily astral causal science and the planets which appear to us as dead balls of matter have their corresponding human life, ie. presiding deities in these planes. We will begin our dissertation of "our Sun's" role in affecting human affairs by taking a closer look at the appearance and attributes of this chief among planets. The reason why we use the term "our Sun" is the fact enunciated by the ancient texts that there are many Suns (Adityas) in different worlds belonging to the physical and other realms.