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Sahasra Mahavaastu [English]

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The book Sahasra Mahavaastu is a revolutionary movement in the field of Vaastushastra, to propagate the ancient oriental thought in a modern language of the present world. With due attention to the practical need of the present age, the connectivity of Vaastu, Yog, jyotish, sangeet and Ayurveda have been discussed by using scientific language of the current generation. Groh, tattva, devata, disha and urja are 5 dimensions connected to these five shastras, but its reflection in the traditional vaastu sutras is quite different. In this book the author has attempted to clarify and explain it in an easy and simple language, to try and tune the modern mind to an ancient thought. It talks about the scientific approach of Indian shastras in connectivity with the five dimensions of grah, tattva, devata, disha and urja. The book also explores the three secret and sacred doctrines which are connected to ancient Indian shastras — Mystica, Medica and Magica.