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Mundane Astrology [English]

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Mundane Astrology deals with the events and happenings related to the human beings in mass scale. Mundane literally means the earth. Mundane is that branch of Astrology in which the natural disaster, calamities, contagious diseases taking the heavy toll of life, weather phenomena, crops, share market etc. are taken into account which have great impact upon the large section of population. This book has been written after the deep study and consultation of the important classical texts like Garga Samhita, Brihat Samhita, Varahi Samhita, Narpati Jaycharya, Samvatsari Paddhati, Varsh Prabodh, Argh Martand, Ardh Prakash etc. according to the natural signification of the planets of planetary kingdom. This book contains the consideration of Samvatsar, National-International events, meteorology, bulls and bears in share & commodity market and the significator articles of the planets and Nakshatras. Special use of Sarvtobhadra Chakra has been made in order to accurately anticipate and speculate the prices of different agricultural commodities which will prove of immense help to the business communities dealing with food grains and other agricultural produce. This book has been written by All India Federation of Astrologers' Societies taking into account the course curriculum prevailing in our institution. Besides that, this book will prove quite beneficial to those students also who are interested in learning Mundane Astrology.