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Astrology in Predicting Weather and Earthquakes [English]

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The only claim of this book is to present an ensemble of ancient astrological data concerning the methods of forecasting certain natural disasters and the need on the part of the seismologists and meteorologists to shed their prejudices. and embark on an investigation of the in-digenous methods being used for thousands of years with much success. We are beginning to realise the futility of giving undue importance to so called methods of science. Many dogmas imposed by western science should be shaken off especially by the Indian scientists. The book has been written for those who are bold enough to openly declare the relevance of ancient Indian methods of earthquake and weather forecasting to merit the serious attention of today's men of thinking. I must record my appreciation of the interest shown and the immense labour put forth by my daughter Gayatri Devi Vasudev not only in collecting the relevant editorials written by me in the past issues of The Astrological Maga-zine but also for re-editing and presenting them in a book form. In fact the very idea of writing this book came from her.