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Gods, Sages and Kings: Vedic Secrets of Ancient Civilization [English]

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`The book proposes the idea of an ancient Indian and Himalayan home for world civilization. The Vedas find a new interpretation at the hand of the author. ...Written in a readable language... useful [for] serious thinkers on civilization." —E.R. SREEKRISHNA SARMA The Adyar Library, Bulletin, 1993

 `The argument implicit in Gods, Sages and Kings is that Vedic culture through the great traditions of Hindus, Yoga, and other Eastern philosophies, is the continuation of a way of looking at life that is at least 8,000 years old." -RICHARD KENYON Yoga International, November-December 1991

 'There is no doubt that this is a landmark book for our understanding of India. ...It helps us gain a radical shift in our perception of ancient Indian History. It gives us a totally different picture of Vedic civilization than what we are traditionally taught in history books."

-FRANCIS ASSISSI India-West, September 1991

"...is a remarkable piece of brilliant scholarship." —The Visva-BhartiJournal of Philosophy Vol. xxx, No. 1, August 1993

"... yet another presentation from Frawley, which will be earnestly sought by readers interested in Indian civilization. The author has done an excellent job and has opened new vistas before us." —Tattvaloka, Bombay, June-July 1994

"...a pioneer work to usher an era of fresh understanding of the origins of human civilization that are yogic or spiritual in nature". —RT. VYAS Journal of the Oriental Institute,Vol. xliii, September-December 1993