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A Text Book of Scientific Hand Reading [English]

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A Text Book of Scientific Hand Reading [English] by

SC Mishra

Publisher:  Vedic Astro India Books

Hand-reading is a science of reading the divine script written on the hand of humans and a proper interpretation of those covering events of life by the lineaments of the hand. The science of Hand-reading has no bars of civilisations, religions or geographical boundaries.

Going through the book will certainly help to experience the elegance of Hand-reading not confined only to Cheiro and Saint Germen, etc.

The book provides:

  • The origin and domain of Hand-reading;
  • Mantra for obtaining proficiency:
  • Detailed discussion on the Hand, the thumb, the fingers, the nails, the wrist and the mounts;
  • One separate chapter is devotted to each principal line;
  • Method of marking years on lines and the assessment of longevity:
  • Description of many lines of influence;
  • Deliniation of Rings and Marks found on fingers and palm:
  • Deteeting the Birth-Chart through palm with actual examples:
  • Clues for fertile ground for Medical Palmistry:
  • Nakshatras on the palm for predictive use;
  • Yearly predictions through palm.
  • Many remedial techniques through Hand-Gestures;
  • Coherence and harmony between astrology and palmistry;
  • Equally useful for beginners, researchers, practitioners and teachers.