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Gayatri the Highest Meditation [English]

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In Yoga, the mantra is a mystical formula, an incantation, which aids the individual to liberate the self and attain bliss and ultimate fulfilment.

Gayatri—The Highest Meditation describes the Gayatri, the mantra which helps the higher man to be born in us all. Sant Keshavadas profoundly tells the meaning and many facets (water rites, sitting posture, time, atmosphere, breath control, pronunciation of sacred sounds) of this ancient meditation.

 There are few books available on the Gayatri meditation in English. Professor T.K.Venkateswaran of the Department of Religious Studies, University of Detroit, praises Sant Keshavadas' work and states that if the Gayatri Mantra is understood, repeated, and meditated upon, in the manner in which it is presented in this book, it will illumine the intellect and produce the highest bliss, creativity, and success in the world.

SADGURU SANT KESHAVADAS was a prophet of divine love and universal peace. His name means "saint who is the servant of the Lord". Sri Sadguru was born in 1934 in Bhadragiri, a small South Indian village near Bangalore. He earned a B.A. degree from Mahatma Gandhi College and an LL.B. degree from Udipi Law College. He was a gifted composer, musician, lecturer, author and teacher of yoga. Sant Keshavadas took eleven global tours in his mission to show the essential unity of all world religions. He was assisted in this mission by her wife, Srimati Rama Mata and children.

 The book has a pragmatic approach, and that makes it a useful guide to one and all. We invite our readers to make use of the book. The Vedanta Kean, August. 1991