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Financial Astrology (Based on Systems Approach) [English]

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FINANCIAL ASTROLOGY( Based on Systems Approach) ( English )
Financial astrology is an important aspect because beginning with survival to earning good wealth depends on the planetary strength. everyone is curious about finances and so this question is put to an astrologer generally during the consultation. 
In this book we explore the various sources of financial strength for a person and analyze whether the financial indications of a particular individual can be augmented. We will take up in brief the fundamentals of astrology, financial significations of houses, financial significations of the house and planets, the methodology for interpretation of the planetary influences in a birth chart, mundane astrology and managing relationships. The discussions will proceed through the case studies. We are sure the readers not only will enjoy learning interpreting techniques but also their predictive competence will be enhanced. Separate chapters on “Mundane Astrology” and “ Understanding Relationship” are also included as these impact the financial positions of a person.
The book also contains versatile case studies, application of remedies, impact of remedies and clears the confusions of classical concepts.