Astro Business Guru [English]
Astro Business Guru [English]
Astro Business Guru [English]
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Astro Business Guru [English]

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Astro Business Guru By 

Prem Kumar Sharma

Publisher: Sagar Publications

The book is divided into five sections marked as Section A to Section E. Section A, contains general information about business and there are five chapters. Chapter one is titled 'The Business World', I believe that until the matter is logically defined it cannot be used for scientific analysis, keeping this fact in mind, I have, through this chapter tried to categorize the complete range of businesses. Chapter two is 'Excellence in Business', this chapter will help in the proper analysis of a chart so that one can find if excellence in business is promised or not. Chapter three is titled ‘The Enterprising Ability’; you will know how the planets placed in the 3rd house of a birth chart can indicate the enterprising ability.
Chapter four is titled 'Fortune'; this chapter is basically about the analysis of the 4th house. The method of analyzing a Chathurthamsa chart for further insight into the 4th house is also explained along with an example.
Chapter five is the last chapter of this section and it is labeled 'Work-Attitude, one can know about the attitude of a person about work from the Sun sign or the ascendant or Moon sign or the most powerful sign in the birth chart. This information can be valuable before selecting a person as an employee in a business set-up