Stellar Astrology - Practical Application [English]
Stellar Astrology - Practical Application [English]
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Stellar Astrology - Practical Application [English]

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Astrology subject is prevalent all over the world, in different forms, from immemorial times. With present socio-economic globalization the subject of astrology is also gaining its popularity. Vedic astrology originated from Vedas in Indian sub continent. Astrology deals with planetary influence on human body and mind. Added to that planetary influence the internal genetic influence also manipulates the functioning of human body and mind. Thus the human life events are influenced both by genetic and planetary effects. Many systems have developed in Astrology. Yet the fundamentals of Graha tatwa, Rasi tatwa, Bhava tatwa are common at all times in all systems. Classical writers have given basic principles and suggested to use such principles as per the place, time and changing living conditions. In the process, many systems of Astrology developed, from time to time, in various parts of the globe for a matter of the application of basic principles to local conditions