Mahavastu: The Science of Balancing the 5 Elements [English]
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Mahavastu: The Science of Balancing the 5 Elements [English]

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Mahavastu: The Science of Balancing the 5 Elements [English] By Rraghavendra Saatvik

Publisher: Bignote Publication

This book will make you an expert in Maha Vastu Shastra ! Are you ready to help the world with this knowledge? Maha Vastu Shastra is the science of balancing the five elements i.e. Water, Air, Fire, Earth and Space. When these five elements are in harmony with each other and balanced scientifically, your home will attract all the positive energies & repel the negative energies making your home an ideal place to live. In this book, I have explained the science behind the Maha Vastu Shastra and how you get benefited by living in a Vastu compliant home. Content Chapter 1 - Introduction to the Maha Vastu Shastra Chapter 2 - Energy cleansing techniques Chapter 3 - 32 entrances not just the 4 Chapter 4 - 16 zones Chapter 5 - Cycle of creation & destruction Chapter 6 - Best Zones for Bedroom Chapter 7 - Best zones for Living room Chapter 8 - Best zones for kitchen Chapter 9 - Best zones for dining area Chapter 10 - Best zones for pooja room Chapter 11 - Entertainment & fun zones Chapter 12 - Study area Chapter 13 - Best Zones for washrooms Chapter 14 - Washing & Waste Disposal area Chapter 15 - Remedies for faulty entrances Chapter 16 - 2D & 3D remedies Chapter 17 -Tattva Shuddhi and elemental strips to cut or extend a zone Chapter 18 - Vastu for Broomsticks, Mirrors, Wall Clocks and Lockers Vastu is the science of perfect living. Let me explain this scientifically. Earth is a very small part of the much larger universe. Compared to the size of the universe, the Size of Earth may be compared to a small dot. But this small dot is a large world for the inhabitants of Earth including we human beings. Earth has four major directions East, West, North and South. It can be further divided into Eight or Sixteen sub - directions. Let’s discuss the four major directions first. East, the direction of Sun or Sunrise.