Astrology Chakras & Remedies [English]
Astrology Chakras & Remedies [English]
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Astrology Chakras & Remedies [English]

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Astrology Chakras & Remedies [English] By Jay Yadav

Publisher: Bignote Publication

There are 12,000 nadis in the human body, Chakras form at the junctions of these nadis. There are seven major chakras in the human body, these are Muladhara or the root chakra, Swadhisthana or the Sacral chakra, Manipura or Solar Plexus chakra, Anahata or heart chakra, and Vishuddha or throat chakra, Ajna or third eye and the Sahasrara chakra. There are five bodies or layers of the being, and these chakras lie in the Pranamaya kosha, in which the Prana or life force moves.

The horoscope is the snapshot of Karmas, and the planets are responsible for delivering the fruits of Karmas. Human traits and tendencies are influenced by the planets, when the chakras are imbalanced, overactive or blocked, they do not receive the cosmic energy of the planets properly, which creates disturbances and diseases in the native's life.

This book describes the seven chakras, their positive and negative sides, the planets, the signs and the relation between the chakras and the horoscope, and provides information about how the negative impacts on the horoscope can be reduced through the chakras.