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Yogini & Kalachakra Dasha [English]

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Yogini & Kalachakra Dasha [English] By

Sumeet Chugh 

Publisher: Sagar Publications

 One of the most difficult tasks an astrologer faces is the timing of events. For this Hindu or Vedic astrologers mostly use Vimshottari dasa and Varshphal. Varshphal has been discussed by me in a separate book. The readers of this book, I presume, are acquainted with the use of Vimshottari dasa. But besides Vimshottari dasa many other dasa systems as propounded by Sage Parasara are in vogue. The most popular of these is Yogini Dasa, then there is Kalachakra dasa. The method of calculating Kalachakra dasa is quiet laborious but I hope after going through this book it will seem quite simple to the readers. Sage Parasara seems to have given it a special status. Timing of events and predictive astrology will seem quite simple with its use. There are 9 conditional dasa systems too which are in use. They have been discussed in my book 'Important Conditional Dasas of Sage Parasara' which is due for release soon.

I have given various tables and examples which will help in easy grasping of the two Dasa systems. I recommend their use, because applying all the three dasa systems (including Vimshottari) will ensure almost hundred percent correct predictions.