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Wonders of Life From Hundreds of Palm and Birth Charts [English]

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WONDERS OF LIFE  from Hundreds of Palm and Birth Charts

There are many books on Astro-Palmistry so far. In this book the author by some invisible blessings has been able to being out this book and the readers can enjoy the wonders of education and the beauty of Astro- Palmistry through various figures and the  readers well before upcoming this book for their studies and application are humbly requested to primarily  understand the proper application of Nadi system of Astro-Palmistry for obtaining  greater degree of  results. The author having  been involved in this field of studies since 40 years believe that this book followed by meticulous observations helps for the readers to analyse the commonly encountering problems that arises during the application of causticities of planets in their definite positions and their respective communications of planets forming on the natives. For astrologers it delineates Astrological points and for palmistry it delineates the Palmistrical aspects also, thus remaining an embodying concept of  Astrological – Astro Palmistry.