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Vedic Astrology in Money Matters [English]

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This book provides a comprehensive and cogent astrological methodology to lend meaningful support to the speculators and investors in stock markets for taking timely and prudent decisions to accentuate gains and to avert losses. It intends to cover the fundamental and potent astro-combinations allied to money matters. For those who dabble in stock and bullion markets, the efficacy of Sarvatobhadra Chakra an ancient tool, has been aptly demonstrated. Besides, the book deals with the entire range of business astrology and presents a compact reading in a lucid form.

Having been encouraged with fervent response of the esteemed readers, the third edition is revised and enlarged. For their benefit, a trail of stock share movement of eventful year 2008 of a primeval and leading company of textile industry of the country has been thoroughly analysed over astrological format. The results are conformed not only with SVB Chakra but also with epoch chart after suitably corroborating to the stated astral principles and axioms. Besides, radical chart of Bombay Stock Exchange has also been illustrated and analysed. In addition, the historical chart of BSE from 2008 to 2010 is displayed for validation on SVB Chakra. Trust, this enlarged edition will impart ingenious and creative material to the inspired readers.

All the chapters are subject specific and are complete in itself. The broad sense of each uniquely scripted chapter is condensed in the preface and a quick perusal of which will give rich flavour of the book.