Vedic Astro Numerology [English]
Vedic Astro Numerology [English]
Vedic Astro Numerology [English]
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Vedic Astro Numerology [English]

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Western palmist and numerologist cheiro was born on 1st” November 1886 in Ireland who was clearly mentioned in his book titled ‘Book of Numbers’ that he was on a visit to India, he was lucky enough to live with some such Brahmans who had with them many of the mysteries of nature, hidden in their hearts and they obliged him with their knowledge. In fact, our Rishis were familiar with the knowledge of numerology well before the dawn of civilization in this world. Cheiro had also acquired Yakshini Siddhi under the guidance of some renowned Indian Gurus because the miraculous predictions he has made in his books were not at all possible by numerology alone. As regards Yakshini Siddhi, any fault or omission in  the process does not lead to the welcome end of the performer. Sepharial was born on 20th march 1864 in England has also quoted thousands of Sanskrit verse in his book titled ’Kabala of Numbers’. Here the method given in this book to find out the lost articles and to answer the unasked question along with their answers has been taken from the book of the above mentioned master. As regards Sepharial, he gave top priority to the Greek language and turned it as the language of God.