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Vastu Astrology and Architecture [English]

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Vastu Astrology and Architecture [English] By

Gayatri Devi Vasudev

Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass Publication Books (MLBD)

Vastu Sastra, an important limb of jyotisa or astrology, is an ancient science and study of architecture and engineering. The present volume is an outcome of a symposium on Vastu. One of the goals of the symposium was to revive the lost glory of Vastu and show its relevance to modem times. The book covers different aspects of construction from planning to execution. It underlines the role of astrology in Vastu principles.

The book will stimulate greater interest  in ancient Vastu principles  amongst modem architects and engineers and present in them a new perspective which will raise their creativity to new untouched heights.

 The book has been divided into three broad sections covering different aspects of Vastu Silpa –

1Vastu and its relevance to modern times;

  1. Vastu and jyotisa; and
  2. Vastu and temple architecture comprising thirty-three articles in all. Their contributors represent a range of viewpoints on Vastu principles. All write with intelligence and insight keeping in view its relevance with modern times needs of architecture and engineering.