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Unlocking Time Prediction [English]

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UNLOCKING TIME PREDICTION Through Krishnamurti Paddhati 

 There are abundant books written on astrology, each clamiming to teach astrology . The internet is flooded with websites running tutorials on this subject and even you tube subject that can be learnt through the blessings and guidance of a guru. it is an ocean; you may dive deep but times, it is difficult to find a guru and even if you find seekers who want to read at time leisure.This book is designed, keeping in mind the comfort of the seeker, the curious student and those who despite of having a large collection of books has not yet found the answers.

This book is written in an easy and systematic way for the novice, enthusiast and experts as well. it is based on krishnamurti Paddhati, created by shri krishanmurti ji.

Reading this book gives a quick idea of the event, the nature, and the promise of it.

Every prediction has two parts first, the occurrence of an event and second the time of it. Most seekers have spent years in this subject finding the event but not with clarity as the houses involved are one or two and sometimes even three. The clarity of prediction remains hazy to the dissatisfaction of the astrologer and the seeker does not get what he wants . The true prediction lies in the ability to predict with firm faith whether the event will happen or not. If the event is predicted the next question is the time frame.

Through the steller system is born of the sign and house method known as Vedic/Prasha yet it is difficult to understand, interprect and predict. there are various book that teach making charts and finding the sub lord and star lord and new computer programs are loaded with KP charts so I have decided to do away with the explanation of it.