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Timing Of Events In Vedic Astrology (With Case Studies)
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Timing of Events in Vedic Astrology (With Case Studies) [English]

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Timing Of Events In Vedic Astrology ( With Case Studies)

This book is one of it's kind which tries to utilize the various OId & New theories in Astrology making use of the Shodasha sarga, Ashtakavarga Charts, Bhavchalit, Constellations, and use of Planets Uranus, Neptune & Pluto along with the other Main Planets and widely used Vimshottari Dasha. In this book an attempt is made to present a bunch of Case studies on each chapter so the Reader can understand more about it to utilize the same. This Book tries to show as to Why some things happen in a person's life and When they happen. Each Case study mostly is either on one page or covering two pages as you continue to read & understand while looking at the Charts in both North & South India style. A planet appearing favourable but its change position in Bhavehalit & Shodasha varga's gives a different picture altogether.