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The Secrets of Zodiac Signs [English]

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Exhaustive details about the impact of the signs on an individual are not found in the books. The planets work through the confined prem-ises defined by a house but the tendency or attitude to initiate the said actions is actuated by the energy field of the sign in which the planet is placed in. In fact everything in life is set within the frame work of pre-determined scheme. This scheme is prepared by the incarnated soul in its discarnate state under the affectionate and sensible guidance of the guardian angels who also hold the reigns of fate and chance. Pains and sufferings of particular type are chosen by the disembodied spirit for effectively working out the karmic runnels during its terrestrial sojourn. This is based on the grand principle - by what man falls by that he rises OR the same deity who gives the problem also provides the solution OR the grain that gives the sap of tears also brings forth the fruits of pleasure. But after taking birth the embodied ego forgets everything squarely. From the nativity same can be gleaned. Different signs are the repository of different set of tendencies. In this book an attempt has been made to elaborate the tendencies concealed in the interstices within the force-field of the signs. It is not possible to escape the aquiline darting teeth of the Karma. Impending events tremble in its naked power of assured occurrence. However; by knowing the in-built tendencies one can understand the cause of his miseries and may plan to march towards the golden gate of glee. The Secrets Of Zodiac Signs