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The Influence of the Star (With Ilustrations) [English]

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THE INFLUENCE OF THE STAR(with Ilustirations)

Of all sciences that have at any time engaged the attention of the world, there is none more ancient than astrology. In the East – where it first arose at a period of very remote antiquity- it still holds sway and in every part of the world(especially among the learned) it reigned supreme until the middle of the seventeenth century. That is not only ruled the daily actions of individuals but swayed the councils of princes, is shown by the records of every nation that has a history(and by none more fully than by that of England ): yet the present ; generation seems never, until write lately, to have cared to inquire on what basis this belief could have been for so many ages supported. During the past five years, however- possibly from a reaction growing out of the realism by which we have been so long oppressed a new interest in these old – world beliefs has sprung up and it is to satisfy that interest that this book (containing the results of many years’ study) has been written.

Chiromancy and Physiognomy are both based on astrology and are, therefore, quite in place as the second and third parts of a work treating of the influence of the stars. Many of the modern writers on Chiromancy seem disposed to deny its affinity to astrology, with which it is however, inseparably connected.