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The Foundations of Vedic Vaasthu [English]

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Dr. Revathi Vee Kumar ( Dr.V.Kumar) , is an honorary faculty of Bangalore Chapter II of All India Federation of Astrologers' Societies , New Delhi. He has been teaching Astrology, Vaasthu, Numerology , Fengshui, etc in this organisation since Dec. 2002.  Dr. Revathi Vee Kumar is a versatile personality possessing an in depth knowledge in Vaasthu, Astrology and Numerology. He is also well-versed in Palmistry, Feng Shui and Pyra Vaasthu. He is an expert in KP system of Astrology. He is known for his originality in exploring the secrets of Vedic sciences and synthesizing information from different branches of knowledge. This can be clearly seen from the material content of the present book, 'The Foundations of Vedic Vaasthu'. Dr. Revathi Vee Kumar has delivered many guest lectures on Astrology , Vaasthu and Fengshui . He has so far published 12 research papers on Astrology , Vaasthu and allied subjects . The Foundations of Vedic Vaasthu is his first book. His articles have appeared in 'The AIFAS Research Journal of Astrology ', 'Kaashyapa Jyothisha' , 'Saptarishis', etc . In recognition of his meritorious services in the field of Astrology And Vaasthu, Dr. Revathi Vee Kumar has been honoured by Al FAS , NewDelhi as 'ACHARYA' in Astrology and Vaasthu during October 2004 and in the year 2008 as " PRACHARYA" through Bangalore Chapter II. He is also honoured as Jyothir Vidwan, Jyothisha Kalaadhara, Jyothir Marthanda, etc. by many other organizations.