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Synergic Homeopathy [English]

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Synergic Homeopathy [English] by

Osho Siddhartha

Publisher: Limass Foundation

If you desire to utilize the medicines mentioned in this book to maintain your own health and that of your friends and relatives, then you should attend Homeopragya, the six days programme, held here. In only 6 days you can become capable enough to benefit from the contents of this book. All are welcome to attend and avail of this benefit. Even if you are not associated with Oshodhara, you can do the programme.

Homeopathy is a very effective and easy line of treatment. Just a little knowledge and understanding is required and for that, this 6 days programme is enough. You can treat yourself. You need not visit doctors and hospitals and yet remain healthy and happy. Besides this, you can serve humanity as well. ‘Bahujan hitai, Bahujan sukhai’ is the motive of this programme and this book.