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Successful Marriages with Jupiter in Simha (A Research) [Hindi, English]

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Successful Marriages With Jupiter In Simha ( A Research)

If you marry when Jupiter is in Simha does it ruin a marriage? Has it occured to you that it has come down as a tradition without any supporting research? What has happened to the marriages of those who married when Jupiter was in Simha? Read the case studies in this book and draw your own honest conclusions. This is the most extensive research done on this subject by a team of astrologers who decided not to overload the book with more than one hundred and sixty eight live case studies based on their horoscopes. This examination has been done after knowing many intimate details of their marriages. Besides. Some of the cases given in the book are of famous living Indians whom you may recognize. Note: All the horoscopes are given in English only but the write up. preface and conclusions are both in Hindi and English to help Hindi readers also to take benefit of it.