Stellar Secrets - An Astrological Revelation [English]
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Stellar Secrets - An Astrological Revelation [English]

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 STELLAR SECRETS –an astrological Revelation

Predictive insight is to be understood from the stand of stars as Hindu astrology is  based on stars. No doubt, transit rules of planets are applied for giving periodical results. But results for too short duration can be given more precisely by applying the Thara Bala which is based on stars for every planet for a particular person instead of going into the Sookshma and Prana Dashas of Vimshothari Dasha normally in vogue which gives limited results unlike the results of Thara Bala.

This book has extensively dealt with results of Thara Bala as enunciated by the earlier writers and orientalists of this subject in a detailed manner for each and every planet and these parameters can be effectively used by the Astrologers as a tool for prediction and also as an additional method for predicting the day to day events of life.