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Shri Rudram De Coded [English]

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With my eitht years’ continuous effort, I have been able to De- coded two Chpaters of Yajur Veda ( Sixteenth and Eigheenth and brought out the mystery of Vedas. Probably, it is the first time in the history known to the present generation that such a revelation has been made.

Modern Science invented various types of currents-Alternative current, Direct current, Non – conventional Energy etc. However, these currents are useless without receivers and converters, various scientists and engineers invented and continue to invent various types of receivers and converters for the use of mankind. We make use of these currents for lighting a lamp, igniting a stove, running machineries and vehicles, rectifying the defects in both body and mind.

Likewise,various Mantras of the Vedas are the various currents invented by the Divine. In the case of modern currents, the inventors of the current and the inventors of the receivers and converters are different. Whereas, in the case of Vedic currents, the inventor of currents, receivers and converters is the same. But the working mechanism has been kept in coded languages, Probably, the key to the code remained sealed, which I have broken now.

SHRI RUDRAM ENVISAGES DUAL SYSTEM OF TREATMENT OF ALMOST AAL THE AILMENTS, First system is through the recitation of the respective Mantra and the second system is through the administration of medicines.

Few serious diseases have been cured through SHRI RUDRAM. The respective patient was asked to recite the entire SHRI RUDRAM for 43 days. They have been completely cured of their ailments and  they are alive even today. Probably, they were sincere in the recitation of Mantras and they believed in me in into. However, I cannot say whether that was coinsedence or was due to their luck or due to the power of mantras. It is for the readers to establish the truth.