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Secrets of Birth Time Rectification [English]

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This is a book that tries to present all the available ancient birth rectification methods in a systematic manner. Most of the things the author has learnt about ancient Birth Time Rectification methods are included. The information this book provides would be useful to the astrology students and scholars alike. The author has sincerely approached this subject and shared with you all what he could collect and understand.

Astrology is a branch of knowledge that tries to study time. The various names ascribed to astrology such as Jyotisha, Jyotisastra, Kalatantra, Kalavidhana sastra are all proof of the same. How these names got ascribed to astrology?

[Astrology got the name `Jyotisha' because it tries to study the luminaries in the sky. It got the name `Kalatantra' because it tries to study time] Time not being a physical entity cannot be studied directly, and so the sages selected the movement of planets as the tool to study time. Let us bow to the clear understanding of those great sages. It is their vision that gave rise to this great knowledge branch that gives us the glimpse of future. It is their vision that became foundation for this great branch of knowledge.

Time and movement are wonderfully related. To study time in its full essence demands pure consciousness, which only a sage can have. Time is present in every movement. Even thoughts are bound by time. Time is present in mind, thought and the universe. Time is present in every movement. In the absence of time there is no movement. Time is the essence that differentiates moving and the non-moving, living and the non-living. Time is a great wonder. Even sages stay awe-struck before its manifestations. If matter is nature, time fills its and is beyond it. If stuff is 'Sakti' (Prakriti - nature) then time is present in every atomic and sub atomic particles present in it, and is still beyond it. Time is the essence of divine, Siva, the Nataraja. Because of all these the ancient texts tells that time has two type of manifestations.